Finder is a vertically integrated manufacturer who has revolutionized fusing relay outputs by eliminating the need for fused terminal blocks.
Using the 39 Series MasterPlus can save a significant amount of panel space and wiring time.

Finder has concentrated efforts on the manufacture of quality products since founded in 1954.
Today Finder makes over 12,500 different products, including industrial relays, miniature and ultra-slim relays, power relays, timers, relay sockets, accessories, and thermoregulation products for panels.

Finder’s development team has enhanced their product offering with Thermal Management Products. The NEW 7F.20/21 line of filter fans enhances your panel by keeping components cool.
Finder offers one of the smallest and most cost effective panel thermostats, as well as a line of condensation heaters, to round out the offering.

Click here to see a video of the full line of thermal regulation products.

Power Source

Power Source is an electrical manufacturer’s representative company specializing in sales to the OEM’s, Machine Builders, Panel Shops, and Systems Integrators in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi. Our product offering and market knowledge are the secrets to our customers’ and our success. We provide applied solution expertise through a direct sales effort with engineering, operations, procurement, and management. Our synergistic product offering and professional sales skills enable our manufacturer partners to grow market share.